Hi! I’m Ali!

I’m the host of the Ali on the Run Show podcast. I’m a race announcer at start and finish lines around the country, including the Boston Marathon and the New York City Marathon. I’m a freelance writer and editor, and am the former editor in chief of Dance Spirit magazine. I’ve written for Self, Shape, Well+Good, Women’s Health, Runner’s World, Women’s Running, Glamour, Dance Magazine, and more.

I wasn’t a runner growing up. Oh my gosh, far from it. Running was the worst. Fifth-grade Ali — who hid during the timed mile in gym class as part of the Presidential Physical Fitness Test — would never believe that I’ve made a career in the running industry, and that I’ve willingly run (and paid to run!) six marathons, and more than 20 half-marathons. (Other hobbies include playing with my four-year-old daughter, long walks with my dog, hiking, anything outdoors in the summertime, anything indoors in the wintertime, pretending to meditate every night, and re-watching Schitt’s Creek in its entirety at least twice every year.)

I love this sport. I love keeping up with the pros, and I love learning about what motivates the everyday runner. At any given race, there are hundreds — even thousands — of stories. What gets people running? What gets them to the start line? And, when it gets hard, what gets them all the way to the finish? I’m obsessed with hearing as many of these stories as possible.

That’s what I do every week on the Ali on the Run Show, and it’s what you’ll get more of here. My thoughts. My curiosity. My current favorite things — what I’m watching (probably Ted Lasso, Never Have I Ever, or Love Is Blind, again), listening to (Taylor, Celine, Britney), reading (I love a cheesy and predictable love story), or wearing (sweatpants, almost always).

Stick around. Let’s have some fun.

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Hi! I'm Ali. I'm the host of the Ali on the Run Show podcast, and when I'm not talking about running, I'm writing about it, right here.


Ali Feller

Host of the Ali on the Run Show podcast Freelance writer & editor Runner with Crohn's disease lululemon ambassador Race announcer Mom to Annie